Get Available Commands

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Fetches the list of available commands from a vaults Command Palette, and stores them permanently for later use by one of the Trigger actions.

Good to know: It is unnecessary to run this action immediately before every Trigger action. Instead, I recommend setting up a separate workflow that only queries your vault(s) for their command list(s), and running it whenever the command palette in Obsidian has changed due to application updates or plugin changes.

Available Options

Purge Actions for Obsidian's entire list of commands before fetching

Actions for Obsidian will store each vault's command list separately, and using this action for vault X would only replace vault X's command list. If you want to start over fresh, this option will delete all AFO-internal command lists. (It's a convenience option that does the same as the separate "Purge List Of Available Commands" with its "all vaults" option set.)

Changes / History


  • Initial release.
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