Help, when I manually enter a vault name in an action, Shortcuts deletes it right away!

Your vault should be displayed in the Vault dropdown if you've linked Actions for Obsidian to your vault via the big blue button in the app's main screen. Have you linked the vault yet?

If you have linked your vault but it still doesn't show up, you can enter it manually:

  1. Enter the name
  2. The name will be added temporarily to the selection list (i.e., for this one action only)
  3. Click/tap the name in the list to use it.

Step 3 is crucial — Shortcuts can be a bit weird at times.

In the GIF below, I tell the action to call a vault it hasn't seen before, "Another vault":

(For the action to work, the companion plugin Actions URI must be active in this particular vault. If you don't know what that means, please click the button "Link Actions for Obsidian with a Vault" in the main app and follow the setup.)

When the action is successful, the vault will of course be added to the list of known vaults, and you'll see it the next time you need to specify a vault.

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