What is a browser window reference?

Some actions return a reference to a particular browser window, which is accepted as input parameter by other actions.

Here's a simple example: A "Create Browser Window" action returns a reference to a private Vivaldi window which is then used as input parameter in a "Create Empty Browser Tab" action.

The browser internals are abstracted and unified. For example, a window will be marked "private" whether it is a private Safari window, an "incognito" Chrome window or a private Vivaldi window. Also, window titles are not natively supported in Safari, but Browser Actions adds support for them so you can give your new windows a name no matter which browser you use.

"Create Browser Window" action followed by a "Create Empty Browser Tab" action


This data type contains several properties.


A browser reference.

Window Title

The given title of the window, if available. Otherwise, the title of the active tab of the window.

Is Private?

A boolean indicator (true/false) specifying whether this is a private/incognito window.

Is Visible?

A boolean indicator (true/false) specifying whether the window is currently visible.


The list of browser tabs belonging to this window.

Active Tab

This window's currently active browser tab. (Also included in the above Tabs list.)

Internal ID

A transient ID which is exposed but shouldn't be used in workflows.

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