Reload Browser Tab

Reloads a tab, either the active tab of the frontmost window of the selected browser, or a specific tab passed by parameter.

Note: The browsers don't provide any insight into the reload process. The action will trigger a reload, but whether the server is responding in time or not, or if it responds at all, the browsers will not communicate, so there's no detailed information to work with for Browser Actions here.


Tab type

Either "active tab of frontmost window" or "specific tab".


Lets you select from the list of supported browsers. Accepts a browser reference as input. Only available when the tab type is "active tab".

Target tab

A browser tab reference. Only available when the tab type is "specific tab".

Pause after triggering reload

Adds a delay after the URL was passed to the tab. Optional, default is "no pause". If you want a pause greater than the maximum of 4 seconds, use a native "Wait" action.

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