What exactly is a "File Path or Name"?

Each Obsidian note is just a file in the file system. When Actions for Obsidian asks for a "File Path or Name", it expects the full file path starting at the root of the vault (i.e., its root folder).

A few examples:

  • A note named "This is fine!" in a folder "No really": its full file path would be /No really/This is fine!.md .
  • A note named "The best, surely" placed in the root folder: its full file path would be /The best, surely.md .

Fortunately, the Shortcuts actions normalize your input and will do their best to make sure it is well-formed, so you can omit both the leading / and the trailing file extension .md if you like. In the examples above, this would mean that you could enter No really/This is fine! and The best, surely , respectively.

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