Prepend Text To A Note

Screenshots of the action: default mode on top, "below headline" mode on bottom

Prepends a given text to a note, either to the very beginning of the note (default) or to the section below a particular headline in a note.

When prepending text to a section below a headline, the headline must be entered exactly as it appears in the note: headline levels, capitalization, punctuation etc. For example, ## My Headline , ### My Headline , and ## my headline are not identical.

The option to add text to a section below a headline is available in v1.2+.

Available Options

Ensure newline

If enabled, a line break will be added to the inserted text if it does not already have one. Useful if you have a piece of text that does not have a line break at the end, but should.

Ignore front matter

If enabled, the text will be added to the top of the note, before any front matter. (Only available in "Beginning of the note" mode.)

Create note if necessary

If the note couldn't be found and "Create note if necessary" is enabled, it will be created so text can be appended; if the option is disabled, the action will return an error.

The option "Create note if necessary" is available in v1.2+.

Changes / History


  • Adds the option to create the note if necessary.
  • Adds the option to add text to a section below headline.
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