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Writes a new note file to a specified file path or name. The path can contain folders; these folders will be created if necessary. (See examples.) The action will append .md to the note filename if necessary.

The note can be created empty, or you can pass a note body. It's also possible to apply a template (either using the community plugin Templater or the core plugin Templates). Passing a note body and applying a template are mutually exclusive. Passing a note body or applying a specific template will cause Obsidian to ignore any existing Folder Templates rules in Templater that may have been set for that folder.

The option to apply a template on creation is available in v1.2+.


Strategy for dealing with an existing note

The default behavior in case there’s already a note with the same name / at the requested file path, the base file name will be suffixed with a number. You can also choose to overwrite the note or skip the creation of a new, suffixed note (i.e., leaving it as it is).


A file path of /my/new/notes/Hello will create the note in /my/new/notes/ . If the folder structure /my/new/notes/ didn't exist before, it will when the action is finished.

Changes / History


Adds the option to apply a template on note creation.


Introduces the option "Strategy for dealing with an existing note", removes "Overwrite existing note" option. The original "Overwrite" behavior is a selectable strategy now.

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