Notes / Create Note

Writes a new note file to a specified file path or name. The path can contain folders; these folders will be created if necessary. (See examples.) The action will append .md to the note filename if necessary.

Passing a note body will cause Obsidian to ignore any template you may have set for that folder (using Templater, for example), so if you want to see your usual template applied, leave the note body empty and update the note in a separate action.

Available Options

Overwrite existing note

By default, if a note exists under the specified file path, the action returns an error. Enabling this option will make the action ignore an existing note.


A file path of /my/new/notes/Hello will create the note in /my/new/notes/ . If the folder structure /my/new/notes/ didn't exist before, it will when the action is finished.

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