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"Periodic Note" is a collective term for Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly Notes. In v1.3+, Periodic Notes replace what was previously only available for Daily Notes.

🚨 Working with Daily Notes requires either the core Daily Notes plugin or the Periodic Notes community plugin. Working with Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly Notes requires the Periodic Notes community plugin.

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Creates a Daily/ Weekly/ Monthly/ Quarterly/ Yearly Note for the current date.

The note can be created empty, or you can pass a note body. It's also possible to apply a template (either using the community plugin Templater or the core plugin Templates). Passing a note body and applying a template are mutually exclusive. Passing a note body or applying a specific template will cause Obsidian to ignore any template you may have set for its Daily Note plugin, so if you want to see your usual template applied, leave the note body empty.

The option to apply a template on creation is available in v1.2+.

Available Options

Strategy for dealing with an existing note

If there is already a current Daily Note, the default behavior of the action is to skip the attempt to create the note and leave it as it is. You can also choose to overwrite the note (i.e., trash it and create a new one from scratch) or to abort with an error.

Changes / History


  • Replaces the hard-coded Daily Note target with the ability to select Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly Notes.


  • Adds the option to apply a template on note creation.


  • Introduces the option "Strategy for dealing with an existing note", removes "Overwrite existing note" option.
  • The default behavior in case of an existing Daily Note was changed. Before, the action would return an error and stop the workflow, now it gracefully accepts the existence of the note (i.e., it does nothing). The old default is a selectable strategy now, so is the original "Overwrite existing note" behavior.
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