Check For Existence Of Periodic Note

"Periodic Note" is a collective term for Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly Notes. In v1.3+, Periodic Notes replace what was previously only available for Daily Notes.

🚨 Working with Daily Notes requires either the core Daily Notes plugin or the Periodic Notes community plugin. Working with Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly Notes requires the Periodic Notes community plugin.

Screenshot of the action

Queries Obsidian for the existence of the current Daily/ Weekly/ Monthly/ Quarterly/ Yearly Note, and returns a status of true or false .

This action is useful for conditional execution of other actions, like "Append to Periodic Note" etc.


If you wanted to test whether today's Daily Note exists in a vault called "Testbed", you'd set the vault parameter to Testbed . This would be followed by a built-in "If" action that checks the result of the "Check For Existence…" block — a positive result means "note exists", a negative "note doesn't exist".


Screenshot of a workflow, made with AFO v1.2 when only Daily Note was supported.

Changes / History


  • Replaces the hard-coded Daily Note target with the ability to select Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly Notes.


  • Renamed action (before: "Check For Existence Of Daily Note").
  • Action returns a simple true or false result now (before: available /unavailable ), making it much easier to test the result in an "If" block.
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