▶️ Sync Contacts with Notes

What This Workflow Does

It syncs contacts from a Apple Contacts group named "Shortcuts demo" with Obsidian.

The end result will be a single note for each contact, with up-to-date contact details in the frontmatter. When the workflow is run again, it’ll find existing notes and update them. If it finds contacts without a note, it’ll create a new one.

The entries in Contacts will gain a clickable link to the Obsidian note.

Please note:¹ The workflow assumes there’s a current daily note.


Download the Sync Contacts with Notes.shortcut workflow. Double-click the downloaded file to install the workflow in Shortcuts.


  • Actions for Obsidian
  • Apple Contacts (Address Book)
  • Obsidian

Workflow Screenshot

Screenshot of the workflow in Shortcuts app

Workflow history / Change log


Adds support for contacts that have more than one phone number or mail address. Numbers and addresses are added to the front matter as YAML lists (`[1, 2, 3]`) now.


Updated the downloadable workflow with a correctly Apple-signed version. Same workflow, just installable now. Sorry for the hiccup!


  • First version.


  1. Pun not intended.
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