Actions for Obsidian Review Guide

Actions for Obsidian for macOS

Requires: macOS 13+


  • Free download with 14 day Trial Period + 20 day Extended Trial Period
  • One-time license starting at $9.99 / €11.99, no subscription
  • "Pay what your productivity is worth to you" pricing

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The missing link between Obsidian and macOS.

Actions for Obsidian is a macOS application that adds over 30 Shortcuts actions for working with Obsidian notes and vaults, making Obsidian a first-class citizen in Apple's Shortcuts app.

Obsidian is very powerful, and its large community has created hundreds of useful plugins that make working inside an Obsidian vault even more powerful and easier, but there was no integration with macOS and Apple's automation ecosystem until now. Actions for Obsidian adds that integration and makes it easy to bring information from other apps into your notes, or to bring information from your vaults into other apps.


How much does Actions for Obsidian cost?

The app is free to download from the App Store. There is a 14 day trial period. After the trial period, the Shortcuts actions will trigger "Please buy" reminder dialogs.

A license removes these reminders. The user can choose one of three price levels depending on how much they think is fair: €11 ($9), €14 ($12), and €17 ($15).

How do the trial periods work?

The first installation starts a 14 day trial period: There are no restrictions on what you can do with Actions for Obsidian, no login, and no request for credentials. Once the trial period is over, you can continue to use the application without any restrictions, but you will be reminded to purchase a license when one of its Shortcuts actions is triggered. The likelihood of this reminder dialog box appearing increases by 5% each day and is recalculated each time you use one of the AfO Shortcuts actions. This prevents a hard "trial period over" cut-off and gives you a few more days to test.

What are the system requirements?

macOS 13.0 and up.

Will there be an iOS app?

Yes, with a TestFlight beta coming in March 2023.

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