How much does Actions For Obsidian cost?

The app is free to download from the App Store. There is a 14 day trial period. After the trial period, the Shortcuts actions will trigger "Please buy" reminder dialogs.

A license removes these reminders.

Pay What You Think Is Fair

When you 're ready to buy a license, you can choose from one of three base prices depending on how much you think is fair: "S" (€11 / $9), "M" (€14 / $12), and "L" (€17 / $15). These licenses differ in nothing but the price.

It's an experiment in fairness, basically. For example, I hope that if you use Actions For Obsidian in a commercial setting, you'll pick the "L" license (which looks great on an expense report!). Or even if it's for personal use, and you feel it makes you 3× as productive, you might select something else than the "S" level. It's entirely up to you, though.

I decided against subscription pricing, even though it would have been a better choice financially. But I personally prefer software that I can buy rather than rent, because it gives me independence from the fate of the company that makes it. (It's a different story for apps that rely on server components which need regular maintenance etc., of course.)

I already bought a macOS license, is the iOS app included in that?

No, macOS and iOS licenses are only valid on their respective platforms. However, you can use your existing macOS license on all of your macOS devices (provided they are connected to the same App Store account).

There are discounted license upgrades available if you already have a macOS license and want to add iOS support. Alternatively, you can purchase a "macOS + iOS" combo license, which is also less expensive than two single platform licenses.

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