▶️ Quick tasks entry with tags picker

What This Workflow Does

It's a quick task entry workflow that lets you tag the new task with one or more tags from your vault. The task is then inserted next to a placeholder in your daily note.

The result will:

  1. Prompt you for a short text
  2. Fetch the list of tags from your vault
  3. Let you select one or more of them
  4. Insert both as a new task at a placeholder in your current daily note

Please note:¹ The workflow assumes there’s a current daily note.


Download Quick tasks entry with tags picker.shortcut workflow. Double-click the downloaded file to install the workflow in Apple Shortcuts.


  • Actions for Obsidian
  • Obsidian

Workflow Video

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Workflow Screenshot

Screenshot of the workflow in Shortcuts app

Workflow history / Change log


First version.


  1. Pun not intended.
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