How do I update the Obsidian companion plugin, Actions URI?

I recommend checking for Actions URI updates right after you've updated Actions for Obsidian from the App Store!

From time to time, Actions for Obsidian's companion plugin, Actions URI, needs to be updated. While it's generally a good idea to check for updates regularly, AfO will alert you if the plugin you're using is out of date. (This can happen after an app update). The alert will look like this in the Shortcuts editor:

Screenshot of the Shortcuts editor, showing an AfO action headlined by the alert message

​You can do so by going into your Obsidian Settings and finding the "Community plugins" section. There, click the "Check for updates" button — this will bring up an "Update" button for the Actions URI plugin. See the steps to take in this screenshot:

Screenshot of the Obsidian settings as described in the previous paragraph.

​​Clicking the "Update" button will fetch and install the update. Done! Your workflows should run fine again.

You'll have to do that once for every vault you're using with Actions for Obsidian.

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