Get Browser Windows

Returns the windows that meet the specified criteria.

Filtering is additive, meaning that windows must match all filter criteria to be included in the results.

The order of the windows is returned by macOS in "front to back" direction. This means that choosing "first window" (see Parameters, below) will return the frontmost window for the selected browser, while "last window" will return the bottom window in the stack.


A list of browser window references.


Result size

You can choose to get all windows, the first window, the last window, or a random window that matches the filters.


Lets you select from the list of supported browsers. Accepts a browser reference as input.

Filter by window type

Results may include any window, standard windows only, or private windows only.

Filter by window title

Possible options: "no" (disables filtering by title), "title should contain (case-sensitive)", "title should contain", and "title should equal". When filtering is on, a new text parameter field "Title filter string" will be shown.

Please note: For a window that has not explicitly been named, its parent browser will return the page title of the window's active tab as window title.

Title filter string

(Only displayed when "Filter by window title" is enabled.) Specify the text used for filtering as chosen in "Filter by window title".

Filter by visibility

Results may include Possible options: "no" (disables filtering by visibility), "visible windows only", or "hidden or minimized windows only".

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