Wait for Browser Tab To Finish Loading

Pauses your workflow until the web page in the specified tab reports itself as done loading.


Returns true (Yes) if the page reached the desired ready state, false (No) otherwise. To prevent timeout errors stopping your workflow, the action will run for max. 20 seconds before returning a result.


Tab type

Either "active tab of frontmost window in [Browser]", "new tab of frontmost window in [Browser]", "new tab in window [Browser window]", or "specific tab [Browser tab reference]".


Lets you select from the list of supported browsers. Accepts a browser reference as input. Only available when the tab type is either "frontmost window" type.

Target window

A browser window reference. Only available when the tab type is "new tab in window".

Target tab

A browser tab reference. Only available when the tab type is "specific tab".

Wait until the page …

Specify whether you consider the page to be loaded when it can be interacted with or when the page is fully loaded.

  • "can be interacted with": The page has finished loading and the document has been parsed but sub-resources such as scripts, images, stylesheets and frames are still loading, i.e. the window'sDOMContentLoaded event has just happened.
  • "is fully loaded": The page and all sub-resources have finished loading.


If you want to use this action to wait for a page reload to finish, make sure to trigger it after the server has responded. If the browser is still waiting for the server to answer the reload request, the state of the currently loaded page is likely "fully loaded". Therefore, the action would return a success, even though the reload is still ongoing.

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