Rename/Move Note

Screenshot of the action

Renames or moves a note. If the new file path contains a folder structure, that folder structure must exist, i.e. it will not be created automatically.

If the new file path is the same as the original one, nothing happens.

If the new file path already exists, an error is returned. If the new file path specifies a destination folder that does not exist, an error is returned.

This action will throw an error if the specified note doesn't exist, so it's best to use it after the "Check For Existence Of Note" action has determined that it does exist.


File Path: Note, New File Path: Great Note

Result: Note is renamed to Great .

File Path: Note , New File Path: /Great/Note

Result, if the folder /Great/ exists: is moved from its place at the root level of the vault into the folder /Great/.

Result, if the folder /Great/ does not exist: An error.

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